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Innovation and Strategy Expert Joins Alfred's Expert Network

Ulrike Reymondin, a seasoned professional from the food industry, joins the growing network of experts at Alfred.

Portrait of Ulrike Reymondin
Ulrike Reymondin - Nestlé R&D

About Ulrike

Ulrike (LinkedIN) brings deep expertise in FMCG in particular in the food industry from her long career at Nestlé. She pairs this with hands-on experience in leading and coaching innovation teams in Nestlé's own R&D Accelerator to bring innovation pilots to markets worldwide.

At Alfred, Ulrike will support our clients in translating science and technology into new business opportunities, crafting marketing strategies, and launching innovations. As a certified coach and proficient in the Lean Startup methodology, she will deliver measurable results and inspire positive change.

Would you like to know more?

If Ulrike is is just the person you need to tackle your next business challenge, select a suitable time with Diego Seitz, the lead of the Alfred Strategy practice, for a free discovery call.

About Alfred's Expert Network

At Alfred's Expert Network, we assemble a diverse group of specialists to bolster our in-house capabilities, enabling us to support projects where specific functional or industry expertise is crucial. Our clients benefit from deep, actionable insights and proven expertise, all packaged in a cost-effective solution.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Financial Management

  • B2B Sales

  • Market Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Validation of Pricing and Value Propositions

  • Navigating Regulatory Requirements and Approvals

  • Intellectual Property Transfer from Research Organizations

  • Commercialization of Research

  • Access to Non-Traditional Funding Sources such as Innosuisse grants

Are you a functional expert with a passion for innovative ventures? We're eager to explore potential collaborations. Contact us today to start a conversation and discover how you can contribute to our network.


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Bahnhofplatz 1, 8001 Zürich

About Alfred

Alfred is an innovative new player in the venture advisory space. We combine legal advice with strategic guidance to empower founders, entrepreneurs and investors in an integrated and holistic way that breaks away from traditional advisory services.

Our clients are early stage technology ventures, founders, entrepreneurs or investors from Switzerland and abroad who look for a trusted partner to support them with effective and actionable advice.


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